Jasmine Peters

Owner, Host / Event Coordinator

Offering Healing Consultations,

Yin and Yang Yoga Instructions, Vegan meals and variety of retreat themes.

Anja Leon-Guerrero Frydendal

Massage Therapist 

A variety of massage techniques, including Thai Massage, to help you heal and relax.

Allison Glenn



Myofascial Release Techniques utilizing a La-Cross Ball and a Yoga Block

* Pain Body Release Techniques 

Aimee Walston

Henna Artist

Providing healing through henna, using all natural and certified organic ingredients only. 

Afifa Saljuki

Reiki Healer 

Offering Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing Classes

Janalle Rhoades

Inner Self Freedom 

Offering Chakra Dancing and De-Masking  exercises.