• Sat, Mar 06
    Self Love Online Workshop
    Join us for a seven week course, where we will be diving into the segments of Self Love. Each week we will be engaging in Breath Work, Guided Meditations, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Journaling and reading from our Self Love Manual. This course has been created to support and honor each participant
  • Fri, Jun 25
    Into The Deep
    Are you ready to dive into a weekend of Self Reflection, Inner Healing and Creative Expression? Join us on the Mendocino Coast in Caspar Ca, as we enjoy a variety of activities that encourage coming back to center, connecting with our truth and expressing our passions through art and dance.
  • Fri, Jul 16
    Sycamore Ranch
    Self Love Woman's Retreat 2021
    Are you ready to take time to care for your Mind, Body and Spirit? Would you like to surround yourself in nature and relax on the banks of the Yuba River, in sunny Ca? Join us as we cleanse, restore and heal with like minded woman.
  • Fri, Jul 23
    Sycamore Ranch
    Full Moon Retreat
    Harness the power of the Full Moon. Connect with your mind, body and soul. Create time to recognize what is no longer serving you. Engage in Full Moon Rituals, Crafts and Activities that encourage self reflection and release.
  • Fri, Aug 06
    Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay KOA Holiday
    New Moon Retreat
    Connect with the energy of the New Moon. Join us as we engage in New Moon Rituals and Activities that aide in manifesting our dreams and goals. Enjoy three days of Cleansing, Swimming, Circle, Rituals, Yin Yoga, Dancing and Singing.

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