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  • IGNITE, Ecstatic Dance, Women’s Retreat
    Fri, Jun 09
    Join us for a weekend of transformation on the Mendocino Coast. IGNITE is offering an opportunity for women to come together to laugh, play, dance, share, practice vulnerability and authenticity. Connect with your self and move through emotions and energy that prevent expansion.
  • Sacred Woman Retreat
    Fri, Jul 28
    Do you feel called to create time and space to reconnect with yourself? Do you long for a weekend full of sister love and heart connection? Join us on the Mendocino Coast for a weekend of Self Celebration and honoring the Sacred Woman within.
  • Self Love Women's Retreat 2023
    Fri, Mar 03
    Can you feel it? The ocean and your heart calling you to come home to yourself? Can you feel the pull of the wild woman within, who longs to soften, open, explore and play? Join us on the Mendocino Coast for a weekend filled with Self Love and Self Celebration!
  • Yuba River Mini Retreat
    Sat, Aug 20
    Browns Valley
    Do you long to submerge into nature and relax on the river? Join us for an afternoon on the Yuba River in Browns Valley Ca. This Mini Retreat experience is dedicated to connecting with ourselves, each other and to nature.
  • Self-Love Ecstatic Dance Gathering
    Sat, Jun 25
    Come and dance with us!! We have hired a live DJ/ Sonic Alchemist who will be offering hours of Ecstatic Dance. Come and enjoy group activities, somatic exercises, delicious vegan dinner and hours of ecstatic dance! This is a Mini Self-Love Event, dedicated to dance, play and Self Love!
  • Flower Moon, Group Circle
    Sat, May 14
    Do you feel called to gather with other Souls under a Full Moon? This is an opportunity to experience an evening devoted to your Heart's Expansion and Soul's Manifestation. Curious about Group Circles and Full Moon Rituals? Join us as we play with the power of intention and full moon magic
  • Self Love Women's Retreat
    Fri, Apr 08
    Caspar, CA, USA
    Are you ready to create time and space to care for your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing? Join us on the Mendocino Coast for a weekend of self-reflection, self-celebration, integration and inner healing.
  • No Frills Women's Weekend
    Fri, Mar 18
    Looking to get away for a Women's Weekend right on the Mendocino Coast? Our No Frills Women's Weekend is all about Sisterhood, Self Exploration and simply BEING. We have curated a wonderful balance of offering a variety of activities coupled with plenty of down time.
  • Illuminated Soul
    Fri, Jul 23
    Sycamore Ranch
    Harness the power of the Full Moon. Connect with your mind, body and soul. Create time to recognize what is no longer serving you. Engage in Full Moon Rituals, Crafts and Activities that encourage self reflection and release.
  • Self-Love Women's Retreat
    Fri, Jul 16
    Sycamore Ranch
    Are you ready to take time to care for your Mind, Body and Spirit? Would you like to surround yourself in nature and relax on the banks of the Yuba River, in sunny Ca? Join us as we cleanse, restore and heal with like minded woman.
  • Into The Deep
    Fri, Jun 25
    Are you ready to dive into a weekend of Self Reflection, Inner Healing and Creative Expression? Join us on the Mendocino Coast in Caspar Ca, as we enjoy a variety of activities that encourage coming back to center, connecting with our truth and expressing our passions through art and dance.
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