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Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time.  Easing into our bodies and exploring hidden tensions,  We create space for Opening, and Movement.

Yin encourages Stillness, Awareness and Inner Truth.  Allowing the body to relax and find its place within the pose, we invite expansion and encourage mind/body communication.


"Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality"  -Michael Sexton

Yoga with Props
Meditation by the Sea

Guided Meditation

Do you long for an opportunity to fully melt into the present moment? To come home to yourself? Join us as we enjoy guided meditation's that encourage coming to center, and tuning into the frequency of the Heart. Connect with the energy of Spirit, feel your emotions and look deep into yourself in order to gain clarity and understanding. This is an opportunity to do your inner work! 


 I Heal I offers fresh, Organic juices at each of our retreats. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way to get an instant rush of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help power you through your day with natural, real energy.When you juice you’re getting the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, but you’re getting them in liquid form. This makes it much easier to digest them, and absorb the nutrients they contain. Juicing provides essential minerals and nutrients that the body needs to help effectively get rid of toxins in the liver, colon, and other organs. Feel lighter! Each juice is packed with vitamins and minerals to help your body more easily let go of what's weighing you down., boost immunity, gut health, reboot diet

Green Juice
Dancing in Park


I Heal I offers a variety of dancing themes; from Chakra Opening to Emotional Expression. Dancing is an essential way to move old energy and bring fresh, oxygenated, vital energy into ourselves. Connect with your heart and express your feelings through physical expression! Dancing is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the heart and lungs, boost our aerobic fitness, increase muscle tone and boost cognitive awareness.

Arts and Crafts

Crafting is a wonderful way to de-stress, get inspired and get creative.          I Heal I offers a variety of arts and craft projects at each of our retreats. We feel that crafting is a wonderful way to get in touch with our authentic selves and to create space for individual expression. Enjoy painting, drawing, making dream catchers, creating vision boards, making personal body care products, learning to weave baskets and so much more!!

Paper Craft
Church Candles


Connect with your heart and your intention through sacred rituals. Rituals are activities that couple an intention with the potential of the universe. When we engage in rituals we utilize the energy and symbology of the elements along with a deep yearning, in order to manifest our dreams.

I Heal I offers a variety of Ritual themes such as Self Love Rituals, Full Moon Rituals and New Moon Rituals. Over the course of our retreats we spend multiple days reflecting, journaling and curating our personal intentions, we then merge sacred intention with the elemental forces, such as fire, air, water and earth in order to release what no longer serves, manifest our dreams and create lasting change in our lives.

Reiki Healing

Are you curious about the energy centers and meridians running throughout your body? 

Would you like to learn how to channel divine energy through your physical and spiritual body in order to bring peace, clarity and centeredness to yourself and others? Come and enjoy our Reiki Healing and Chakra Opening classes. Each class provides an introduction to Reiki, followed by individual Reiki Sessions. 

Reiki Treatment
Yoga Studio

Pain Body Release Techniques 

Utilizing a LaCross Ball and a Yoga Block. Create time and space to move old energy. The cells of our bodies carry memories, these memories carry a frequency and this frequency attracts more of the same frequency. Many of us are walking around with subtle pain throughout our bodies, by taking the time to work with the deep connective, fascial tissues of the body, we are creating space for old energy to move out and new energy to move in. 


Learn tools and techniques that help to regulate your nervous system. Practice self-soothing exercises that aide in decreasing the heart rate, lowering the respiratory rate, decreasing stress hormones and help to transition the body out of fight or flight into a peaceful state of rest and digest.

Many individuals are living their day to day life in a constant state of underlined fear. Our bodies are designed to process and utilize the fear response, but this state of being can become toxic to the body if left unchecked and un regulated. We were not taught how to calm our nervous system and how to gently remind the body that we are safe and that we are no longer "running from the bear". When we practice Self-Soothing and Self-Regulation techniques we are creating time and space to learn how to work with our bodies and how to calm our nervous system. This leads to greater quality of life. This leads to a more balanced nervous system and increases the bodies ability to uptake nutrients, release tension and calm the anxious mind.

Meditating on the Beach
Vegetables and Herbs

Plant Medicine

We host workshops and group discussions that share the benefits and many uses of plant medicine. We love engaging in conversations and learning about how plant medicine helps to heal and transform individuals who suffer from addiction and trauma. We also offer wild food and medicine walks through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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