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I Heal I is rooted in a pure love of Inner Healing.

Our intention is to provide a safe and loving space for individuals to come together to cleanse, release, restore and have fun at an affordable price.

We offer an array of retreat themes and collaborate with a variety of practitioners in order to provide a memorable and exclusive retreat experience for each of our guests.

If you are feeling called to take time for yourself, to connect with Nature and restore with like minded individuals, then please join us for a once in a life time Retreat Experience.


I Heal I Retreats aims to be an inclusive space that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. We actively promote diversity and encourage integration, striving to create a loving and accepting atmosphere for all. Our retreats offer guests a chance to slow down and shift from an active, "Yang" energy to a more gentle and relaxed "Yin" energy, allowing them to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

While we provide daily schedules for our guests, we remain flexible and open to adjustments, consciously avoiding excessive rigidity with time and schedules. This approach contributes to a more fluid and permissive environment. We are a Cannabis Friendly retreat service and simply request that guests who smoke do so away from other guests to avoid any potential offense to non-cannabis smoking individuals.

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