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My is Malorie Rodriguez and  I am a BreathWork Facilitator.

I am so excited to be offering my services at the upcoming IGNITE Retreat! I will be providing  intimate, small group, BreathWork Sessions. If you feel called to create time to learn how to connect with your breath  and use the breath to heal yourself, then please sign up for one of my sessions.

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My Story

Malorie is a pure soul who stands for people to reconnect to their inner-self, create healing and live life fully & joyfully! She began her transformation process in 2012 when she first stepped into a workshop. She realized how much she was unconsciously buried deep within herself. Malorie was able to heal many open wounds from her past, reinvent relationships and found her voice again, reinventing herself to be a stand for full expression and with grace. With the tool and journey of breathwork she was able to break free from chains and blockages. She is excited to facilitate Breathwork Detox to help guide this workshop. To release anything that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. She has facilitated Workshops all around California Texas, Florida,Vegas and Mexico, participated in several leadership courses, is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Certified Breathwork Facilitator. 

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