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Cultivating the unique flavour of Electropical for over a decade, Kyle Nadi Sanchez is a  pioneer of introducing the Hawaii, the west Coast festival scene, and dance floors all over the world to the sonic shores of African-Latin-Caribbean Tropical Bass music.


Nadi has been promoting true global club music from places like London, Soweto, Accra, Colombia and around the world. It is the answer- borderless beats and warm weather bass. Electropical tastes how it sounds; it is a beacon of  blended sunshine brought to you by years of tastemaking as Nadi is a distiller of spirit.


A glowing jungle of fruits, flowers and animals - Electropical is a blend of Dancehall elements, St Lucian Soca, Electro Cumbia, Uk Bass, Drumwork, Gqom, South African Piano house Melodic Reggaeton, Salsa Remix, Jamaican Bashment, Afrobeats, soukous, to name a few. Electropical is an experience combining the sound and color of tropical

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This  style originated in Afro-Latin-Caribbean-Electropical music. Electropical is a genre-less journey that incorporates distinct flavors from Dancehall, Soca, Cumbia, Uk Bass, Gqom, Reggaeton, Dub, Trap,  Salsa, Bashment, Champeta, Afro beat, Hip Hop and other delicious fruits .






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