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My name is Jasmine Peters, I am the owner and Event Coordinator for                            I Heal I Retreats. I am a Yin Yoga Instructor and a Certified Theta Healer.

A mother of three young ladies and a wife of 13 years.

I am passionate about inner healing, self transformation and feel inspired by self exploration and self celebration. 

I believe that in order to create the life you want, you must make the commitment to yourself, to practice new ways of being. Each day is an opportunity to practice mindfulness and to engage in activities that connect you closer to your authentic self and your life purpose.

I want you to feel safe in your body to explore and process your traumas and  inner struggles in order to integrate the lessons and release what no longer serves you.  

You deserve to live your life from a place of peace, passion and great depth.



My Story

I come from a broken home and was raised in the foster care system.

My unstable childhood created deep hidden wounds within my subconscious which led to great inner struggles throughout my young life.

With no real consistent love or guidance I developed a variety of faulty beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that were based merely on surviving, not thriving. Many of my habitual behaviors and reactions stemmed from fear and anxiety, and not from a place of peace or my authentic self and this propelled me toward my journey of inner healing.

As I embarked on my spiritual journey in my young 20's I learned my thoughts impact the space within and around me.

 We are like antennas sending out signals to the universe (some may say God, My Higher Self, Source) and the universe is responding!

 Fifteen years ago I began studying and practicing this universal truth, slowly dismantling my subconscious behaviors, and becoming more mindful and emotionally intelligent.

I learned that I could communicate with my body and establish a healthy and loving relationship with myself. I learned about traditional medicine and using wild food and herbs in order to heal ourselves. I submerged myself into Shamanic Healing, Reiki healing, Meditation, Visualization, Yoga, Raw Food, Juicing and so much more.

All of these healing modalities have aided in my personal healing  journey.

I feel immensely  passionate about working with humans on a holistic level and sharing these valuable tools I've learned over the years. 

I offer individuals an opportunity to transport into a sacred environment,  practice feeling safe in their bodies, and explore their inner being. I create spaces where you can connect to the earth, your self and your passions and goals! My job as your host and facilitator is to gently guide you back home to your self and to provide you with tools and techniques that help you to process and integrate your life experiences

I believe in your process! I am here to remind you that you are worthy to live your best life and to replace suffering with inner peace through self discovery!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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