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Do I Feel Truly Seen?


Do you know what it feels like to be TRULY SEEN?

Have you experienced gazing deeply into the eyes of another and FEELING SEEN on the inner most level of your being?

Most people experience this type of gaze from a parent, especially as children.

But many individuals NEVER experience or very rarely ever experience this type of connection.

There is something so primal about the need to be seen. We are social creatures after all.

For those of us who didn’t receive this type of unconditional love, connection and affection while growing up, we tend to be starving for it.

We look into the eyes of another hoping to be seen but find ourselves disappointed and hurt that “the other” is not meeting our need.

We are unconsciously longing for that mother or father figure to look deeply into our eyes and reassure us that we are loved, protected and appreciated.

I’m learning that I have to be the one to meet this need within my self, and I also have to be vulnerable and ask for this type of connection with those that I trust.

I have to be the one to look deeply into my own eyes and show Jasmine that I love her unconditionally and that I will always support her and protect her.

The adult Jasmine that you are looking at is content in her own world, providing herself what she needs, but my inner child Jasmine, she’s absolutely starved for connection and reassurance. She’s so scared that if you don’t see her and acknowledge her, that you will abandon her and leave her all alone, once again.

My child self is such a ball of love and light, but she’s also terrified of rejection. She was not given the love she needed as a child.. But I’m working with her.. she pulls me out of my “lone wolf” mode and reminds me that I DO need connection and I do need to be seen by another.

I’m so grateful for the souls that have come into my life to remind me that I am worthy of being seen.

You are worthy as well, even if it absolutely does not feel like you are.

When was the last time you gazed into your own eyes? Or when was the last time you asked to be seen by another?

You should try it, it really feels good to be seen..

Thank you @janalle_s_journey for reminding me to look in the mirror

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