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Am I Thriving Or Surviving?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023


Most of us go about our lives in an unconscious or semiconscious, robot-like manner. This has its benefits; the human brain conserves energy when it does not have to think consciously about each action or choice. However, when our lives are not bringing satisfaction, the autopilot needs to be turned off! This is particularly true if you are being driven by habitual choices and ways of coping that were developed as young children and have remained unchanged. When coping habits outlive their usefulness, adults may need assistance in learning new coping mechanisms in order to reshape their lives.This will require the development of new habits of thinking and behaving.

This requires a personal breakthrough!!

Are you ready for a personal break through? Are you ready to get out of autopilot and start living life from a conscious perspective? Are you thriving or simply surviving? Are you ready to design your life process!? I know I am... So lets begin.. What do you associate with the word DESIGN? What does it mean to Design our lives? The definition of Design: to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan. Devise, contrive: to conceive and plan out in the mind; to have a purpose. Intend: to devise for a specific function or end; to make a drawing, pattern, or sketch of; to draw the plans for. Taking on the role to design your life is very serious. Become the designers of your interior life the integral way, working with the mind, body and spirit. You can make new choices about your life. You can consciously design a way of living that will bring you deep fulfillment. Fulfillment means " a feeling of deep satisfaction of having achieved ones desires, or the act of consummating something". Discover what you desire and want to bring into actuality, to completion. First Exercise: Grab your journal and take the time to answer the following questions. 1) Describe your current state of life. For each of the life areas listed below assign a satisfaction rating. Use a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, and 1 being low. Ten means you are absolutely satisfied with that area of your life- you are thriving in it. One means you are absolutely dissatisfied with that area- you are not thriving in it and you may even be suffering. --Appearance --Family --Finances --Friends and Community --Fun and Play --Health and Well-being --Home and Environment --Personal Development and Growth --Primary Relationship (spouse, partner, most intimate relationship) --Spirituality --Work/Career For each of the areas above, write down two to three bullet points indicating the key reasons for their rating. Example: You gave a rating of 3 for fun and play. Why? "working six days a week, 10 hours a day; im too tired when I finished to have fun or play" Take your time with these questions and really dig deep.

To Be Continued... Keep an eye out for my next Blog with more information on living a life of purpose and actively designing the life we want.

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