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Fri, Jul 16


Sycamore Ranch

Self-Love Women's Retreat

Are you ready to take time to care for your Mind, Body and Spirit? Would you like to surround yourself in nature and relax on the banks of the Yuba River, in sunny Ca? Join us as we cleanse, restore and heal with like minded woman.

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Self-Love Women's Retreat
Self-Love Women's Retreat

Time & Location

Jul 16, 2021, 3:00 PM – Jul 19, 2021, 11:00 AM

Sycamore Ranch, 5390 State Hwy 20, Browns Valley, CA 95918, USA


About The Event

*** I Heal I is doing everything in our power to follow Covid19 standards and guidlines, while still moving forward with our Self Love Woman's Retreat.

We believe that now is a wonderful time to participate in activities that support and increase our immune systems. We will be tuning in with nature, coming to center, and connecting with like minded woman.

Our objective is to increase our immune system through laughter, play, dance, meditation, sister circle, rituals, juicing, fresh air, and yoga, while still providing an environment that allows for space and distance.

We will be providing hand sanitizer and gloves and guests are welcome to bring their own masks. Our campsites are also lacated near bathrooms with hot water and soap for handwashing and hot showers.

This is a Camping event, so all of our activities will be taking place in open air environments.

Each of our Campsites provides electricity and drinking water.

There are multiple hot showers and bathrooms.


Price is $550 per person:

Price includes all activities, camping fees and 2 meals a day for 2 days, (there will be one day of fasting)

I am open to down payments and payment plans. Contact me with any questions..

Create an opportunity to do your inner work, and rediscover your true essence

This event is all about falling in LOVE with our selves!

**How do we fall in love with our selves?**

1) Step away from the hustle and bustle

2) Decompress

3) Set an intention for reflection, release and restoration.

4) Submerge into Nature

5) Surround yourself with Woman who have set an intention for Self Love and Inner Healing.

6) Ease into a daily Yin Yoga practice that emphasizes surrendering and softening. Opening hidden spaces and accepting where you are, even in the presence of tension.

Practice poses held for longer periods of time, encouraging mind/ body connection and communication.

7) Connect with the Creator/God/Higher Self through Prayer, intention and a deep desire for Inner transformation.

8) Cleanse with Fresh Juices and a 24 hour fast.

9) Swim and sun bath for hours

10) Allow your self to Laugh, Cry, be Silent and Speak your Truth.

11) Explore a variety of Healing modalities that encourage self love and inner healing.

The emphesis of this Retreat is to facilitate an environment that encourages inspiration, relaxation, communion, release and restoration.

Each of our Guests will enjoy:

** Yin Yoga And Guided Visualization

Bring a Yoga mat and explore your body in a whole new way.

Instead of focusing on muscles, movement and strength, we will be exploring the healing potential of stillness, opening, softening, releasing and allowing. Jasmine Peters couples Yin Yoga with the power of guided visualization. While in our Yin poses we will be encouraged to explore our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in order to connect with our selves and gain a deeper understanding of where we are right now and what it is that we need to move forward.

"Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time.

Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality"

-Michael Sexton

**Soul Gaze

Join us as we allow ourselves to open and be SEEN.

"The eyes are the window to the soul" is an old saying that holds great truth.

The Soul Gaze exercize provides a safe space to let go of our egos and practice seeing the deeper parts of our Sisters.

By gazing into the eyes of another for extended periods of time, we practice seeing and beeing seen.

**Sister Circle

Join us as we come together in Sister Circle. Within this sacred space we will be engaging in rituals, songs, meaningful and heartfelt conversations as well participating in activities that cultivate a sense of love, acceptance and communion.

**Sacred Self Love Meditations

Join us as we enjoy guided meditation's that encourage coming to center, and tuning into the frequency of the Heart. Connect with the energy of Spirit, feel your emotions and look deep into yourself in order to gain clarity and understanding. This is an opportunity to do your inner work!

**Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Allow the sounds and vibrations from the crystal bowls to aide in your healing journey. Give your self permission to go deep within and explore your emotional waters. Release tention and resistance so that you can become fully present within your body and connect to your heart.

**Self Love Rituals

Connect with your heart and your intention through sacred rituals.

Rituals are activities that couple an intention with the potential of the universe. When we engage in rituals we utilize the symbology and the power of elements with a deep yearning in order to manifest our dreams

**Daily Journaling

Each day we will be gathering as a group to read poems and passages that stimulate and encourage Self-Love ideas, practices and daily behaviors. Our guests will be given a Self-Love packet that contains thought provoking ideas and stimulating questions, each person will be encouraged to take the time to dive deep into their concious and subconcious mind in order to discover their authentic answers


Savor two days of fresh Organic Juices, made from healing and cleansing fruits and vegetables.

After juicing we will be transitioning into a one day water fast.

During this time we will be providing unlimited herbal teas and cucumber/lemon water.

This is an opportunity to release the burden of food and let go of the constraint of "3 meals a day".

During this time we will be shifting our focus from food to Inner Healing and Self Care.

Fasting is a wonderful practice that allows the body to focus of repairing and renewing itself, without the distraction of processing food throughout the day

**Two meals a day (Breakfast and Lunch, plus Teas and unlimited Cucumber/Lemon water) /1 day of fasting (Sunday)

We are encouraging guests to bring personal ice chests with dinner items, water bottles and private snacks, if they choose.

**Arts and Crafts:

We will be engaging in hours of crafting. Each of our guest will be making: 

-Mandala Rock Art

-Self Portrait, Painting/Mixed Art

**Self Care Activities

Enjoy home made:

Organic Coconut/Coffee Body Scrubs,

Natural Clay masks,

Tumeric Dental Care,

Charcoal Facials

Coconut Oil Pulling

**River Front Camping

We have reserved multiple camp sites within 1/4 mile from the Yuba River. Please bring good shoes for walking, as we will be taking daily group walks to the river. Feel free to bring a life vest if you are not a strong swimmer. Also, bring floaties and all things water for our time spent on the river.

**Access to our Event Tent

We will be setting up a comfortable home base for our guests to enjoy.

Our event tent will be equipped with rugs, tapestries, books, incense, love and so much more.

** Hot showers and bathroom access

Each guest has access to hot showers and bathrooms (Please bring your own towels, soap and quarters)

**Bon Fires

Enjoy nightly bon fires


This is a bring your own sleeping tent event. We ask that you do not bring large tents, as camping space is limited. 

Price includes all activities, camping fees and meals.

I am open to down payments and payment plans. Contact me with any questions..


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