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Alison on the river


 I am Ali, and I will be helping you learn techniques to release what we like to call “stuck stress,” otherwise known as trigger points in the muscle. These vulnerable places hold on to energy and emotion, and I am here to help create a safe place for you to work through that.  Using soft small physio balls we will work on trigger point release and focus on the emotions that are coming up while the release is happening. We will learn ways to warm up our bodies and get the lymph system moving, so our bodies move more freely and our muscles get the oxygen and nutrients they need for repair. My philosophy is that it is not just one fix to help heal pain in the body. I believe it is a combination between working on the skeletal, muscular, emotional and spiritual body. 

My Story

Ali has been working on finding techniques to help heal herself for 15+ years. She’s endured physical trauma from car accidents, sporting events and a tough physical and emotional career as a veterinary technician. She has dedicated her focus to healing herself, and wants to share her knowledge of ways we can help ourselves. Our bodies and minds all have the capability to do it, we just need the right tools. Through years of physical therapy, chiropractics, massage, reiki, Shamanic retreats, shadow work and trigger point therapy and resonating with Luis Angel Diaz’s philosophy on Memory in the Cells, she compiled these practices into one. Many Spiritual teachings overlook the body instead of concentrating upon it to embrace the life that is happening in there. Pain is a symptom, a warning about a deeper phenomenon. It has a message & when the message is delivered, pain goes away. We have to face it & listen to what it has to tell & teach us. 

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