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My name is Jannalle Rhoades and I am an intuitive seeker and an

Inner Freedom Coach. I am so excited to be offering my services at the

Self Love Women's Retreat 2022 and at IGNITE! I look forward to witnessing your process and holding space for you while you practice removing the metaphorical masks and labels that we tend to hide behind, in order to connect with your authentic self.

My Story

Over the past few years I have sought out and studied a variety of healing modalities that have greatly contributed to my healing journey.
I have integrated these modalities into my every day practice and have transformed my life by discovering a stronger connection with myself, activating my gifts from within and finding my truth and inner freedom. 
My journey began with mirror work which drove me deeper into a De-masking exercise which helps individuals connect to the spirt within themselves.
Looking deeper than the flesh, the judgments, the beliefs, activating a spark within that opens doors to individual growth.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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