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Fri, Jun 24


Grass Valley


IGNITE your inner flame! Men and Women Mini-Festival Retreat Event! Enjoy hours of Ecstatic Dance, Meditation, Yoga, African Dance, Zumba and much more!! Connect with your mind, body and spirit in order to IGNITE the passion within. This retreat is all about Self-Exploration and Self-Celebration.

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Time & Location

Jun 24, 2022, 3:00 PM – Jun 27, 2022, 11:00 AM

Grass Valley, Grass Valley, CA, USA


About The Event

IGNITE  is a Mini-Festival Retreat Event that invites you to step into your authentic expression and live a life of purpose and design.

Our intention is to empower you with tools and modalities that aide in your healing journey and inspire inner freedom and expansion. 

Join us at the base of the Sierra Nevada Foothills in sunny California for a weekend camping retreat, full of

SELF CELEBRATION and SELF EXPLORATION at the HeartLand Collective.

 IGNITE provides a safe place for individuals to 

Connect       ~ Mind, Body and Spirit. Get present in your body. Process feelings and sensations in your body. 

Practice exercises that help you feel calm and safe. Transition into a state of rest and digest, to better absorb and integrate your life experience. Connect to your authentic self through self reflection, guided meditation and journal prompts. 

Engage        ~Play and interact with a variety of healing modalitites and group activities that call us home to ourselves and encourage self-exploration and self-celebration. Practice Inner Safety Techniques that aide in inner peace and wellbeing. Engage in Somatic exercises that connect you to your body.

Process        ~Release trapped emotions. Move through emotions and sensations in your body with daily journaling, yoga, breathwork, ecstatic dance and much more. 

Release        ~ Learn body scanning techniques and how to release tension. Feel, Explore, Integrate and Release old programs, behaviours and belief's that no longer serve. Let go of emotional baggage that is weighing you down.

Build            ~ Build Self Motivation Skills. Create time to discover your LIFE PURPOSE, when we know our life purpose we have access to incredible power to make choices and ACT!  Practice living from a "DEEP PLACE" by getting to know your self fully. 

We will be engaging in daily classes and activities that move energy and aide in processing, integrating and releasing.

We have put together an amazing weekend full of Self-Love and Heart Connection with the intention to 



Our Venue (click this link to see images of The Heartland Collective) is located on a 25 acre, lake side property. 

This venue is off the grid, solar powered, permaculture-inspired and environmentally sustainable. Bathrooms and showers available to all guests.

(Check out all of our Practitioners HERE)


*Group Intorduction Exercises

*Nightly Ecstatic Dance (2 Live DJ's) 

-DJ Yohm

-DJ Nadi (Electropical)

*Guided Meditation

-Give yourself permission to be guided on a journey that leads you deep within your soul. The purpose for our guided meditations is to provide a safe space for our guests to better understand themsleves and to process through emotions and sensations in the body.

*Yin Yoga

-Practice softening and allowing. Yin Yoga offers simple poses that are held for extended periods of time. While we are in yin poses we are working with the fascial system of the body. By applying compression to the fascial system we are creating space for oxygenation, lengthening and greater range of motion.

*Sivananda Yoga

-Casey teaches how to calm the mind, while toning the body. Utilizing a  blend of Eastern and Western philosophies, coupled with breath work and Yoga poses 

*Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

-Allow the sounds and frequencies of the crystal bowls to take you on a sound journey that leads you home to yourself!

*Zumba Class

*African Dance Class

*Pain Body Release 

-Working with yoga blocks and OPTP Mini Balls we will be gently addressing trigger points on the body. This practice helps individuals to release tension and stagnant energy, which leads to physical and emotional release. Please bring your own Block and Ball.

(Option to purchase your Block  and Ball  here)

*De-Masking Exercises

-Give yourself permission to shed the masks and labels that we wear as a form of protection. Invite your authentic self to come to the surface and practice sitting with and the real you.


-Connect with your heart and your intention through sacred rituals. Rituals are activities that couple an intention with the potential of the universe. When we engage in rituals we utilize the energy and symbology of the elements along with a deep yearning, in order to manifest our dreams.

 Over the course of our retreats we spend multiple days reflecting, journaling and curating our personal intentions, we then merge sacred intention with the elemental forces, such as fire, air, water and earth in order to release what no longer serves, manifest our dreams and create lasting change in our lives.

*Spiritual Healing Workshop

Enjoy a one  hour workshop dedicated to Spiritual Healing, Long Distance Healing and Chakra Alignment. We will be learning  how to heal ourselves and others. Stephfari will be sharing  ancient healing practices that aide in moving energy and releasing blockages. He will also be offering hands on experiences for volunteer participants.

***We will have a community refreshment tent available for all of our guests that will provide hot water and tea bags, as well as drinking water and snacks throughout the event.

**We will also have a cell phone charging station**



Friday June 24th

  • 3:00pm- Guests Arrive
  • 4:30pm- Introduction
  • 5:15pm- Crystal Bowl Sound Healing 
  • 5:30pm- Guided Meditation
  • 6:00pm- Somatic Exercises (Come to Center)
  • 6:15pm- Group Exercises
  • 7:00pm- African Dance Class
  • 8:30-10:30- DJ YOHM

Saturday June 25th

  • 8:00am- Breakfast
  • 9:00am- Pain Body Release
  • 10:15am- Group Discussion
  • 11:30am- Sivenanda Yoga
  • 1:00pm- Lunch
  • 2:00-4:00- Free Time/Swim/Chill
  • 4:00pm- Dub Session Sound Healing
  • 5:30pm- Group Activities
  • 7:00pm- Zumba
  • 8:30-10:30pm- DJ YOHM

Sunday June 26th

  • 8:00am- Breakfast
  • 8:30am- Yin Yoga
  • 9:45am- Spiritual Healing Workshop
  • 11:30am- Zumba 
  • 1:00pm- Lunch
  • 2:00-5:00pm- Free Time/ Swim/Chill
  • 5:00pm- De-Masking/Inner Freedom Class
  • 6:00pm- Group Activities/Rituals
  • 8:00-10pm- DJ NADI (Electropical)

Monday June 27th

  • 9:00am- Closing ceremony 
  • 11:00am- Departure


*Private Healings 

*Small Group Breath Work Sessions

*Private 45 Minute Thai Massage  

*Private Chakra Atunement Sound Healing 

*Personal Henna Body Art


**General Admission: $450

This fee covers

-General Admission

-Access To All Daily Activities

-Three Nights Of camping (Bring Your Own Tent and Food)

**Glamping Admission: $750

This Fee Covers

-General Admission

-Access To All Daily Activities

-Three Nights Of Glamping in a lovely Bell Tent (Bring your own Bedding)

-Three Organic/Vegan Meals A Day

**Deluxe Glamping: $850

This Fee Covers

-General Admission

-Access To All Daily Activities

-Three Nights Of Glamping in a lovely Bell Tent (Comes W/ a Bed)

-Three Organic/ Vegan Meals A Day

-One Private Reiki Healing Session

**Two Guest Glamping: $1,200

This Fee Covers

-General Admission (for two guests)

-Access To All Daily Activities (two guests)

-Three Nights Of Glamping in a lovely Bell Tent (2 guests per tent. Bring your own bedding)

-Three Organic/Vegan Meals A Day (for two guests)

**Two Deluxe Glamping: $1,400

This Fee Covers

-General Admission (for two guests)

-Access To All Daily Activities (two guests)

-Three Nights Of Glamping in a lovely Bell Tent (2 guests per tent. 1 Bedding Provided)

-Three Organic/Vegan Meals A Day (for two guests)

-Private Reiki Healing Session (for two guests)

Meal Ticket: $180

Meal tickets are for general admission guests

(Meals are included for our Glamping and Deluxe guests)

We have hired an amazing caterer who will be preparing 3 Organic and Vegan meals a day during your IGNITE retreat


We encourage guests to explore this experience through a clear and sober lense, in order to retain and integrate as much as possible throughout the IGNITE process.

Thank you for your cooperation in creating an amazing and safe space for everyone!


  • General Admission

    This ticket covers -General Admission -Basic Camping (Bring your own tent and food) -All Daily Group Activities

    Sale ended
  • Deposit (for partial payments)

    If you are unable to pay the total fee upfront, place your $200 deposit to reserve your space and then make your remaining payment by May 20th.

    Sale ended
  • Single Deluxe Glamping

    This ticket covers -General Admission -Deluxe Bell Tent (Bed and bedding Included) -All Daily Activities -One Private Reiki Healing Session -Three Organic and Vegan Meals A Day (This ticket provides you with three Organic and Vegan meals a day during our IGNITE Retreat. Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Sunday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

    Sale ended
  • Two Guests Glamping

    This ticket covers -Two guests Glamping ( 1 bell tent shared between two guests. 1 bed and bedding provided) -All Daily Activities -Three Vegan and Organic Meals a day

    Sale ended
  • Two Guests Deluxe Glamping

    This ticket covers -Two guests Deluxe Glamping ( 1 bell tent shared between two guests. 1 bed and bedding provided) -All Daily Activities -Three Vegan and Organic Meals a day -One private Reiki Healing Session (Per guest)

    Sale ended
  • 3 Organic Meals A Day

    This ticket provides you with three Organic and Vegan meals a day during our IGNITE Retreat. Friday: Dinner, Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    Sale ended
  • Private Reiki Healing Session

    This Ticket covers one private, half hour, Reiki Healing session with the Afifa Saljuki.

    Sale ended
  • Private 45 Minute Thai Massage

    This ticket covers a 45 minute Thai Massage. Very limited tickets, so get yours while they are available!

    Sale ended
  • 15 minute Thai Massage

    This ticket provides you with a private 15 minute Thai Massage with Elizabeth Curran

    Sale ended
  • Personal Henna Body Art

    This Tickets provides you with a private one on one Henna session with Charlotte Walston.

    Sale ended
  • Chakra Atunement Sound Healing

    Enjoy a 30 minute Chakra and Atunement VibraTuning and Sound Healing experience. Treat yourself to a relaxation and energy alignment session to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. This service combines weighted and unweighted tuning fork therapy and crystal sound bowls to create a unique holistic experience. Journey through your chakras to promote healing and vitality.

    Sale ended
  • Breath Work Session

    This ticket provides you with an opportunity to enjoy an intimate, 1 and a half hour breath work session with Malorie Rodriguez. (Small groups of 15).

    Sale ended
  • Bring an RV

    This ticket covers RV's. Guests must purchase the General Admission ($500) ticket as well as an RV Ticket if you want to bring your RV

    Sale ended



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